Do you have a problem with adhering your product? We can offer you a solution from a range of more than 200 different coatings. For example, we have various PTFE coatings, which can offer a solution in many cases.

We apply the coating in various ways, the standard is as a surface treatment, but we can also impregnate the coating deep in the pores of your metal part, which means the coating is advantageous to your product for a longer period of time.For more specific applications, we also have Plasma coatings, FEP and Halar coatings.


We work with a heavy bridge die, which can die cut 1600 x 500 mm. Our preference is to die cut from natural material, such as for example: pure PTFE, PTFE-coated glass fabric and silicon rubber. You supply a drawing or model and we then with the required cutting die, we die cut your products in a short period of time!


Benetech offers you a wide range of possibilities for an excellent anti-stick or a low-friction, as well as high-wear resistance. The solution for you, as our Customer, for better quality and high productivity!


Other plausible applications are:

  • Improved slide properties
  • Temperature resistance
  • Good resistance to wear
  • Chemical protection
  • Protection against corrosion


Coatings can be used in many ways, including:

  • Food-processing industry: screw conveyor and hoppers
  • Bakery: baking tins, pastry moulds and chutes
  • Textile industry: roller levelers and cutting knives
  • Packaging industry: warming plates, seal plates and foam moulds
  • Meat-processing industry: roasting tins and frying pans
  • Petro-chemical industry: mixing gear, reactor vessels and seals


Whatever you need, Benetech can offer a solution for every process: anti-stick, slide properties, roughness, temperature resistance, corrosion protection or food approval.


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