Heat seal elements

Special heat seal elements

In addition to our flat, chamfered heat seal elements, round cutting wire and endless bands, we also have excellent possibilities for special designs. Heat seal elements fitted with end connectors or soldered connections.

We also offer so-called "brass" (copper) elements, eye loops, with springs and/or extra electrical element connections. We can provide your elements with a PTFE coating. We can also provide different lengths, with coppered or silvered ends above and below, for, for example, handles of carrier bags.


Moreover, we supply T- profile, the so called Sickenband, oval element and double heat seal element. We are also able to supply (flat) u-shaped heat seal elements according to your drawing! If it can be done technically, Benetech can supply it!



Width (mm)

Thickness (mm)



1 - 15

0.1 - 0.5

Low ohmig


2 - 15

0.1 - 0.5

Low ohmig


2 - 6

0.1 - 0.3

Low and high ohmig


4 en 6

0.12 - 0.25

Low and high ohmig


2.3, 2.8, 4 en 6


Low ohmig

Cut off wire

0.3 - 2


Low and high ohmig

Endless band

size to order


Half round

1.5 en 1.75


Low ohmig


4, 6 en 8

0.15 - 0.25

Low and high ohmig

Use your phone lying or check this page on a bigger screen to see the specifications.

We supply custom-made products. If required, we would be pleased to measure your element and to manufacture this in accordance with your model of measured specifications.

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