Silicone gummy

Silicone gummy

Silicone rubber materials are available in many different sizes and designs. Because of our close collaboration with our manufacturers, we can supply almost any size within short delivery times.

Range of applications for Silicone rubber

  • Strong anti-stick capability
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Suitable for food products
  • High elongation
  • Cannot be tasted or smelt
  • Non toxic
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Non-ageing

Silicone rubber material is often used in places where a high friction resistance needs to be combined with good anti-stick capability.


We have three types of silicone rubber sheet - available in "transparent" as a standard, in a hardness of 40 and 60 shores and a temperature resistance of -60 tot +200°C. A quality of silicone rubber is also available in auburn finish, in 60 shore. This has higher temperature resistance of -60 to +250°C.


As well as sheets, we supply silicone hose, cord, square profiles and silicone coated glass hoses - we also have a wide range of sizes and finishes.

Silicone rubber hose - transparent

The standard hardness is 60 shore A, with a temperature resistance of between -60 to +180°C, although other hardnesses and/or higher temperature resistance is possible. We supply silicone rubber hose on maximum roll lengths of 100 meters. Silicone rubber hose is available up to 150 mm diameter, starting at 0.2 x 0.7mm.

Silicone-coated glass hose

This silicone-coated glass hose is covered or impregnated with silicone and can be used, for example, as a cover on rollers in shrinkage tunnels or hot air tunnels; because of the smooth inside it is easier to fit the hose over the metal shaft. Moreover, because of the silicone cover, the silicone glass hose has excellent anti-stick properties and the glass reinforcement gives outstanding tear strength.


We can offer a wide range of solid silicone profiles, standard hardness is 60 shore A, with a temperature resistance of between -60 to +180°C. There are also variations in hardness and temperature resistances possible. HT Opak can, for example, be used at a temperature resistance of up to + 250°C and for a short time up to +275°C.

We can also offer

  • Silicone foam profiles
  • Silicone solid profiles
  • Silicone sheet with reinforcement
  • Silicone adhesives
  • Silicone rubber foam (sheet, square and round)
  • Moulding and punching parts (according to drawing or sample)

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